Welcome to Press75’s Debut theme documentation page. Please review all set-up instructions and theme usage documentation below to find what you are looking for.

These setup and usage instructions assume that you have working knowledge of the WordPress publishing platform. For more detailed information on how to use WordPress, please refer to the official WordPress documentation codex.

Theme Installation

All WordPress themes can be installed and activated one of two ways. Choose your method below to continue.

Theme Installation via FTP

If you are having issues with the automatic WordPress admin installation method above, it is recommended that you use the following traditional FTP installation instructions.

  1. Download and unzip the theme, if you haven't already.
  2. Login to your server using any compatible FTP client.
  3. Upload the entire theme folder ( e.g. "theme-name" ) to your "wp-content/themes" directory.
  4. Log into your WordPress Admin, select "Appearance" and then "Themes".
  5. Under the "Appearance" menu, click "Themes" and select the theme you wish to activate.

Theme Installation via the WordPress Admin

This is the installation method recommend for most WordPress users. This method can be a bit buggy at times depending on your server setup, so if you are having issues, try the traditional FTP installation method described within the next section.

  1. Log into your WordPress Admin, select "Appearance" and then "Themes".
  2. After the page loads, select "Add New" and then "Upload".
  3. Click "Choose File" and browse for "theme-name.zip".
  4. Click "Install Now" and wait for the page to reload.
  5. Under the "Appearance" menu, click "Themes" and select the theme you wish to activate.
Homepage Setup

The Home page of the theme demo is a Page using the “Featured Content” page template. Here is how to setup the Home page as seen in the demo.

  1. Create a Page and give it a title. (e.g. Welcome)
  2. Set the page to use the “Featured Content” page template.
  3. Save/Update/Publish page. This needs to be done so the “Featured Content Options” meta box will appear.
  4. In the “Featured Content Options” meta box, you can set the options for the slider, content, and posts sections. The theme demo uses the default settings.
  5. Save/Update/Publish page. Your page should be ready.

It’s important to note, the Featured Content page template relies on the fact that you have perviously created some Posts in which will populate the page template. If not, you will need to create some posts.

Featured Slider Setup


Audio Setup

Debut comes with a custom audio player and playlist functionality built in. Adding audio is easy:

  1. Create/Edit a post and give it a title.
  2. Select the Audio post format.
  3. Click on the “Add Media” button above the editor
  4. Upload one or more MP3 audio files.
  5. Set a featured image to be used for the Album artwork.

It’s important to note, when adding audio, you need to add/upload the audio to the Post itself, NOT via the Media menu. You should see all your audio files in the “Gallery” tab of the Media lightbox for a post.

When viewing the post, you will see a fully functional audio player.

Audio Player Options

There are a few display and control options available for the audio player in Appearance > Customize > General.

  • Disable custom audio player.

    [checkbox] Here you can decide to disable the custom audio player from automatically appearing.

  • Show audio playlist by default.

    [checkbox] Decide if the playlist should be hidden or visible when the page loads. This option can also be set via the URL query parameter. For example, this will always show the playlist: http://yoursite.com/audio-post/?playlist=show

Ordering Audio

To change the order your audio tracks appear in the audio player, you will need to do this via the Posts Media Popup window. You can access this window by clicking on the “Add Media” button just above the content editor. You should now be viewing the “Insert Media” screen of the Media Popup window. Now, do the following:

  1. Click on the drop down menu labeled “All media items” and choose “Uploaded to this post“. You should now see all audio files (and images) uploaded to the post.
  2. Drag and drop the audio files in the proper order.
  3. Close the Media Popup window as the order is automatically saved.
  4. Click on the blue “Update/Publish” button.

Update Audio Title, Artist, and Album

By default, the theme uses pieces of the post content as the albums info. For example, the Album Title uses the Posts title and the Artist is set to use the Posts Author name. Below are ways to adjust these more to your liking.

  1. First, go to the Media Library via the Media menu.
  2. Next select the audio file you wish to update.

Title: Track Title
Caption: Artist Name
Description: Album Name


Events Setup

Events are setup using the WordPress scheduling feature. Here are the steps to create an events page.
First, create an Event:

  1. Create/Edit a Post, give it a title, and fill in the content area with the event details.
  2. Add the event to a special Events category (e.g. “Events”)
  3. Schedule the Event.
  1. Create/Edit a Page, give it a title.
  2. Set the page to use the Events page template.
  3. Save or Publish page
  4. After saving or publishing page, a new Events Setup box will be displayed. Select an Events Category to use to display it’s scheduled posts.
  5. Publish page.

When viewing the Events Page, you will see all Scheduled Posts placed in the “Events” category.

City and State / Post Excerpt

Optionally, you can add information to the post’s excerpt. If this is done, the information will be included with the Post’s Title. An example of this can be seen in the theme demo, where we have supplied a City and State (e.g. Bozeman, MT).

Events Options

A few options can be set for the events page via Appearance > Customize > Events Page (section).

  • Events Category: (Required) Select a category in which the Events are in.
  • Events Per Page: The number of events that should show per page on the Events page.
  • Twitter Live Feed Search Term: Show a live twitter feed on your events page. You may want to setup a hash tag or your band name (e.g. #BandNameTour).
  • Twitter Lieve Feed Height: Set the height (pixels) of the Twitter Live feed. The higher it is, the more results will display.

Events Widget

Debut comes with a custom “Events” widget to assist in showing your scheduled events in a sidebar area. You can find the “Events” widget by going to Appearance > Widgets. Add the “Events” widget to any one of the available sidebar areas and configure it’s options, described below:

  • Title: Name of widget
  • Event Count: Number of events to display.
  • Show event excerpt: Display event excerpt below event title.
  • Events page: Select a page from the drop down menu if the events should link to a page using the Events page template.
  • Show view more button: This option will link to the page selected in the previous option.


Linking Featured Images

Pages have the ability to set a Featured Image. When this is done, the image will be displayed 940×350 pixels at the top of the page. This image is cropped by width or height, whichever comes first. Optionally, you can make this image clickable by setting a custom field.

  1. Find the Custom Fields meta box.
  2. Click on the “Enter new” link
  3. The Name should be: featured_image_link
  4. The Value should be the URL you want to link to. (e.g. http://audiotheme.com)

The featured image will now be linked to the URL provided.

Social Media Icons in the Navigation


Updating from Debut v3.x to v4.x

Debut version 4 is a major overhaul of the code base. Every file was touched, a few files removed, and a few added. In the end, the theme now offers a few key features as requested by past user feedback.

Before Updating

Before you update, be sure to backup your WordPress install. You can do this with a few free or premium plugins.

Getting The Updated Version

To get the update, you can download the most current version of the theme via the download link in your purchase confirmation email.


While your updating your theme, sometimes it’s helpful to install a maintenance mode plugin that lets your visitors know your updating the theme. There are a few plugins out there that do this, one of which is calledMaintenance Mode. This step is completely optional.

Once you have new version of the theme and your site backed up (we recommend BackupBuddy), you can login to your admin and go to Appearance > Themes. From there:

  1. Activate a different theme (e.g. Twenty Twelve).
  2. Delete the Debut theme.
  3. Click on “Install Themes” tab at top of page
  4. Choose “Upload” link directly underneath tab navigation at top of page.
  5. Click “Choose File” and select the debut.zip file you downloaded previously.
  6. Choose “Install Now” and WordPress will install the theme.
  7. Once the install is completed, choose “Activate“.

Converting Albums and Hero Slides

We have built a small plugin to convert your theme from version 3.x information over to version 4.x. This plugin does a few small things.

  • Updates video URL meta keys
  • Sets posts with video URL to use a video post format.

To use the plugin, all you need to do is download the plugin, install it, activate, deactivate, and delete it. By activating the plugin, everything is done automatically right away. Because of this, you only need to activate it once, and then you can deactivate and delete it as it won’t be needed any more.

Download Debut Theme Converter Plugin

As previously mentioned, the theme now has new features, files, options, widgets and more. Because of this, you may need to do one or more of the following.

Home Page Configuration

Debut now uses a custom Page Template to create a home page as seen in the theme demo. See the theme documentation on setting up the home page for more information.

Theme Options

Debut now uses the cool Theme Customizer functionality now built into WordPress. You may need to re-setup your theme options. To do this, simply go to Appearance > Customize.

Page Templates

Debut 4.0 merged a few page templates into one super powerful template called “Featured Content”. If you had pages setup using the “Custom Post Page” or “Custom Gallery Page” page templates, you will want to set those pages to use the new “Featured Content” page template and configure the options for that template.

Featured Slider & Slides

The featured slider that displayed in the default home page of version 3.x is now built into the Featured Content page template. This allows you to have multiple pages that can have a large featured posts slider. Additionally, slides are now set by checking an option to enable them as a slide. Check out the Home Page Setup and Featured Slider Setup for more information on all of this good ness.