Introducing the newly redesigned Folio

Meet the newly redesigned Folio, a clean and simple responsive grid theme. An ideal solution for creative professionals looking for a minimalistic grid design. Folio makes it easy to publish a portfolio of photos and/or videos. Each post can contain a single image or video, or a gallery of images. The Folio theme features include a filterable grid portfolio, easily customizable colors, fully responsive framework, infinite scroll capability, and a beautiful Lightbox overlay display. See it in action.




Filterable Grid Portfolio
Get the most out of your portfolio on the Folio theme, using the theme’s Ajax filtering. Set up categories for your work and let people easily browse those categories with live filtering results. Also, don’t worry about uploading images at different sizes or aspect ratios; Folio will do the work for you and display the images in a grid automatically.

Beautiful Lightbox Display and Galleries
Clicking on any image, video, or gallery will bring up a beautiful Lightbox display. Dimming the background, Folio will showcase a larger version of your image or video, and for galleries Folio will allow your visitors to easily click through all of your WordPress gallery image.

One Page Simplicity
Folio is a responsive theme built to showcase your images, so we wanted to keep it simple. We kept everything on one page. Your images, your videos, your galleries, and even your pages and contact info all display on one page. There is beauty in simplicity.

Introducing the new TV Elements

Introducing the new, redesigned TV Elements. TV Elements is a theme that takes your videos and puts them front and center. We’ve integrated a large looping video for you to showcase your latest and greatest work. Directly below the large top banner video, you can easily showcase your latest posts or your latest portfolio items. You can easily create portfolio work and showcase it on our unique single portfolio page. View our demo here.

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Web Hosting Partnership with SiteGround

Choosing a website hosting provider can be a difficult task. At Press75 we often are asked about website hosting, who we would recommend, and reasons why. Today we are excited to announce a partnership with SiteGround. SiteGround is a WordPress hosting company, whose focus is speed, security and support.

Those three key focus areas are why we found a natural partnership together. We know that Press75 customers would find great value in working with SiteGround hosting. They are committed to top-notch service and support — and with a sea of WordPress-centric hosting providers, SiteGround stands out as one of the best. We dig SiteGround because our themes and products work wonderfully on their hosting platform, because they are dedicated to providing great product support, and because they are an affordable hosting option.

If you are looking for a new hosting company, or just looking to set up your first website and need a host, now is a great time to do so.

To kick-off our partnership, SiteGround is offering 60% off of their hosting plans for all Press75 customers and friends for a limited time! Now that’s a sweet deal!

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The Benefits of our All Themes Pack

WordPress is everywhere. We’ve been able to see WordPress grow from a blogging platform, into now being 23% of the internet — that’s huge. Whether you’re installing and using WordPress on your own site or working with a client to build an enterprise-level WordPress solution, there are some clear advantages of purchasing a theme shop’s “everything” package. Here are some of the benefits of picking up our All Themes Pack

We all like options. With an All Themes package you have full access to all themes, anytime. Whether you need to build out your own portfolio one week and the next week you’re tackling a client’s business site, ‘all themes’ gives you options to choose from.

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More New Themes On the Way

Although we’re busy pushing pixels and writing beautiful code, we wanted to share a quick update with what we’ve been up to. Not only are we currently working on the new Press75 redesign, we also have a few new themes in development. We’re tackling a redesign of a few of our older themes, to bring them into the new era of Press75. We’re very excited to see some of our old themes in a new light. We’ve chosen to redesign both TV Elements and Massive News and they are looking sweet! Take a look and stay tuned for more updates on new theme releases and other sweet deals by subscribing to our newsletter here.


Check out a sneak peak of what we’re working on…

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Introducing the new Cafe Elements Theme

Cafe Elements is the perfect theme for restaurants, coffee shops, and bistros. Designed to make your homepage the key content provider for your visitors, we’ve built an easy drag-and-drop interface directly within the Theme Customizer. This allows you to easily manage your homepage, move your content around, and see your changes, live. Cafe Elements also allows you to manage your food and beverage menus with simplicity in mind — making updates to your menu a breeze. Simple, powerful, and to-the-point. View our demo here to see it in action.

Custom Homepage Builder
Cafe Elements features a unique approach to building your homepage, where you can simply add, drag and drop, and remove different widgets to build out your homepage the way you want it. This awesome technology is simply built directly into the Theme Customizer, so you only need to go to one place to customize your theme, including colors, fonts, homepage, and more.

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Introducing the Album Theme

Album is a beautifully crafted audio theme for WordPress. Perfect for musicians, venues, record labels, or anyone who is searching for a great music-focused theme. Album features a custom persistent MP3 audio player that will pick up right where you left off when browsing different pages — creating a seamless experience for your visitors. Easily manage your music, albums, gigs and shows, merch, and blog with the power of the Album theme. See it in action!

Custom MP3 SmartPlayer
Album features our custom SmartPlayer audio player with playlist capabilities. Play your music on all devices, desktop to mobile, seamlessly. Allow your visitors to browse, select, play and skip through tracks and different albums, right on your website. The best part, when browsing different pages on your site, our persistent player will pick up right were you left-off.

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The new Cafe Elements is on the way!

A theme that’s perfect for restaurants, coffee shops and anyone looking to have a beautiful one-page website is on it’s way! The new version of Cafe Elements will allow you to manage your food menus in a simple way in the admin panel — making updates to your menu a breeze. The new theme will allow to you easily configure your business’ information, featured content, theme and content colors, and your shop’s location right through the theme options. Look for the new Cafe Elements theme within the next few weeks! Here’s a quick sneak-peak:


Press75's Cafe Elements v3 coming soon!

More new themes and plugins are on the way — stay tuned!

New Audio Theme Coming Soon

At Press75 we’ve always thoroughly enjoyed the integration of multimedia into WordPress. This has been a truly defining factor with Press75 themes in the past, and with a new audio theme on our docket we were looking at unique new ways to integrate audio into WordPress. This new theme will be aimed at music-focused sites; for bands, record labels, and music venues. The design is simple, modern and sharp, with unique integrations of custom post-types for managing your Music, your Gigs and events, and your Merch. The theme is packed with awesome features, nice animations, a custom audio player, and we believe that users passionate about music, bands, and shows will really dig the features!

For a quick look at the homepage, check out our Facebook page here.

Re-introducing Acquisto, an eCommerce theme

You voted, we listened. Announcing the all new Acquisto theme. Acquisto features a brand-spanking new design, beautiful responsive breakdowns so that your site looks wonderful everywhere, and complete WooCommerce integration so you can sell your products with ease. Get familiar with Acquisto here.

With Acquisto we wanted you to be able to hit the ground running — so we’ve fully integrated Acquisto with WooCommerce. Simply install Acquisto, install WooCommerce and start adding products and goods to your site. Don’t need eCommerce? Not to worry, we’ve given Acquisto the same beautiful design for using as a standard blog theme as well.

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Clear News on

We are excited to announce that our Clear News theme has been officially added to’s Premium theme offerings. Clear News is a wonderfully well-crafted, responsive theme for your blog, news, or magazine website. Check it out on here.

Clear News’ homepage features a bold full-width Featured Image above a grid of your latest posts, showcasing your most important articles. The theme’s homepage grid highlights photos and videos, while allowing easily social media sharing. It includes a unique slide-out menu for ultimate versatility for all users, across any device. A slide-out sidebar easily displays unique content with the click of a mouse or the tap of a finger. The theme is compatible with Vimeo and YouTube for displaying your latest videos, with a simple location for you to paste in your video URL. The theme features several options for easy customization and you can easily display your Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ links below the menu button.

Whether you’re a casual blogger, dedicated news provider, or just looking to showcase your images and videos on — Clear News is a wonderful choice!

Introducing the new On Demand theme

We are very excited to announce our latest theme update for On Demand. We’ve kept everything that was great about the original On Demand theme and completely overhauled the design and code. The theme is now fully responsive, integrated with the Theme Customizer, and it’s pretty awesome. See for yourself!

The original On Demand theme was created in 2009, when responsive web design wasn’t even a major practice, so we’ve gone ahead and created the new On Demand theme to be fully responsive. Responsive on desktop, tablet, and mobile — ready to make your site look beautiful on all devices.

Theme Customizer
Changing code can be difficult. Another one of our goals with the new On Demand theme was to integrate a nice amount of options of things for you to change and customize within the theme. These options are easily accomplished with the Theme Customizer and include; logo, main theme colors, background image, social media links, and selecting homepage carousel speed, transition and category.

Like the original On Demand theme, we’ve integrated a nice, simple video Lightbox display for when your site visitors click to play videos from the homepage. Not to mention all of your videos are fully mobile and tablet compatible!

Pick up the new On Demand theme here!

Thoughts on Themes

One of our many goals with the next phase of Press75 is to contribute consistent value; every theme, every release, and in everything that we do. We’ve had the pleasure of kicking some seriously neat projects out for our many service clients across the world — that value, that passion, and that drive is what we are bringing to Press75. Our aim is to create things that support you. We do what we do with Press75 for a reason, for a purpose. Even more than creating successful themes, we want you to be successful. So, let’s work together to see how we can contribute to your success with Press75 themes and products.

What type of theme(s) are you looking for next from Press75?

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A New Beginning for Press75

For the past 6 years, I have been creating WordPress themes for Press75 — a brand I had established in 2008 to explore my growing interest in web design and development. As an entrepreneur, I’m extremely proud of how Press75 has grown and its long-standing place in the WordPress community, but I’ve realized it’s time for me to focus on new avenues and interests. With that in mind, I’ve been searching for a suitable new owner with the assets and passion required to build on a brand I know has so much more to give. Today, I’m very happy to announce that Press75 will continue to grow and deliver quality WordPress products under a talented team lead by Travis Totz — director and co-founder at WerkPress (and Westwerk) and good friend of mine.
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Introducing Cards

We would like to take a second to introduce a new theme called “Cards”. Cards is a simple magazine-style theme that allows you to feature beautiful photography and text side by side. Cards is also a responsive theme which means that it scales and looks perfectly on any device, no matter the size. For more information, check out the details and demo here.

Introducing So Simple

In a flooded marketplace of overly complex WordPress themes, the So Simple theme has been created for those looking for something different. By eliminating all of the unnecessary elements found in typical WordPress themes, So Simple allows you to focus on beautiful words and nothing more. So Simple is minimalism at its best, providing a distraction-free writing and reading experience.

Introducing Clear News

Clear News marks the first of hopefully many new themes on Press75 representing a slightly simplified direction. Clear News was designed to get out of the way and provide a medium for your users to easily access your content on any device. Use it for text, photos, video, and more … essentially the perfect theme for any blog, news, or magazine website. There is an increasing majority of people consuming content on the go via tablets and phones. Clear News includes a “mobile first” responsive design which means that it was designed specifically for mobile consumption, but scales perfectly to full-screen consumption as well.

Introducing AudioTheme

A few years ago, Luke McDonald joined Jason Schuller as part of the Press75 team. Since then Luke created a couple themes geared around bands, artists, and musicians with an emphasis on integrating an audio solution using default WordPress features and functionality. Having successfully done this along with showcasing video, gigs, photos, and more, it was apparent there needed to be a better way to build and manage this type of content. Continue reading


Welcome to the all new Press75. We’ve been working hard to make things a bit more simplistic for all of our current and new customers and we hope you like what we’ve come up with. So, browse around and let us know what you think by sending us an email or just ping us on Twitter or Facebook.

About New Themes

Now that we’re finished with the new site, we can get back to making some delicious new WordPress themes. We actually have quite a few new themes in the works that you might be interested in. For starters, a brand new responsive magazine/news/media theme called “Clear News” is almost finished, and we think you’re going to love it. Next up, a new responsive WooCommerce theme that’s going to make a dent in the commerce scene. Follow us on Twitter to see teasers for both these and other new themes we’re working on.