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We’ve had an exciting year at Press75. A lot of work on new themes, bringing our themes to new marketplaces, and introducing regular update notices as we update our theme library. These changes are centered around the idea of providing a more standardized process and workflow for us as a team, with the goal of also increasing engagement, communication, and interaction with our community.

In addition to all of these updates, we’re excited to roll our our updated pricing for our All Themes Pack. Our entire library of themes is now available for only $99! That’s a huge savings for giant library of 21 themes. So it all works out to be less than $5 per theme, essentially saving you 90% if you were to purchase all of our themes individually. This is huge!

We’re excited to bring more new themes and redesigned themes to our library soon. Get the All Themes Back now!

So Simple 3.1.3

We’ve pushed a small update for So Simple that addresses an issue with the footer social icons not displaying as expected. So Simple v3.1.3 can be downloaded from your account page.

As always you can review So Simple’s complete changelog here, and if you require support for So Simple, have a feature suggestion or have found a bug, then please submit a support request. We can also be reached on Twitter (@Press75), and Facebook (Press75).


Update: Folio 3.4.8

Woo! WordPress 4.6 has been released, and wouldn’t you know it we were caught off-guard with Folio. It seems Folio used a non-theme prefixed function that (now) conflicts with a function of the same name in WordPress core – the result is a fatal PHP error / white screen / inaccessible site. In response we’ve updated Folio


Update: Acquisto, Attache, Folio, On Demand, So Simple, and TV Elements

Hello, Friday! We have another set of updates for you. Admittedly, some of these were released over the last week or two, but just in case you haven’t heard, here they are.

Acquisto (changelog)
v2.0.5 -> v2.0.6
This round of updates focuses on some sidebar display issues and updates to make Acquisto compliant with the latest WooCommerce release.

Attache (changelog)
v2.0.3 -> v2.0.4
A few things here: general code formatting throughout the theme; support for the latest WordPress functions and removal of those no longer required. Significantly, Attache is now translation ready.

Folio (changelog)
v3.4.6 -> v3.5.7
Folio’s setup was more confusing than helpful, so we’ve streamlined: filters and infinite scroll by default. We also fixed an issue with Google fonts not loading in the post editor.

So Simple (changelog)
v3.1.1 -> v3.1.2
A general update. All theme translateable strings are now escaped, content width is declared per the latest method, and code is cleaned up.

TV Elements (changelog)
v4.1.0 -> v4.1.1
A few things going on here as well, but the standout change is the removal of Vide.js for native HTML5 video tag support.

A full list of changes are included in the changelog link for each theme.

If you require support for any of the above themes, have a feature suggestion or have found a bug, then please submit a support request. As always we can be reached on Twitter (@Press75), and Facebook (Press75).

Updates can be downloaded from your account page.


Update: Massive News 4.0.2

This week starts off with some upkeep to Massive News, bringing it to v4.0.2 from v4.0.1. This update focuses on code formatting (particularly the reduction of PHP tags), updating from old to new methods for declaring content width, enqueuing Google Fonts, removing unused functionality, standards adherence, and so on:

  • REVISED: Template code formatting refactored to reduce php tag frequency
  • REVISED: Header search styling more consistent between states
  • REVISED: Functions.php Google font enqueue, content width, background option refactored
  • REVISED: Removed max-width on header logo to better accomodate text, images
  • REVISED: Homepage featured post grid now ignores stickied posts, which were breaking homepage formatting
  • REVISED: Some strings had the wrong text domain – massivenews instead of massive-news
  • REVISED: Escaped all translateable strings
  • REVISED: Updated README.txt formatting
  • REMOVED: Custom header option as theme uses a logo, not a header
  • REMOVED: ‘Image’ post format wasn’t doing anything

You can review Massive News’ complete changelog here. If you require support for Massive News, have a feature suggestion or have found a bug, then please submit a support request. As always we can be reached on Twitter (@Press75), and Facebook (Press75).

Massive News v4.0.2 can be downloaded from your account page.

Massive News

A Massive Update

Impress your audience with our beautiful, new Massive News theme. Focusing on easy ways to deliver news to your visitors, the new Massive News includes a large featured article banner in a unique grid layout. A beautiful columned layout of articles on the homepage also gives you the power to showcase any category of posts you like. Check it out.

Inline Social Sharing
We’ve built a unique feature with Massive News, where users can choose to share selected text on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Email. This neat sharing capability is built to allow your users the opportunity to share your content all over the web.

Distraction Free Reading
A beautiful experience on any device, desktop, tablet or phone. We’ve designed Massive News to be a distraction free reading experience, which allows you to focus on your content and let the theme do the talking. A nice blend of simple typography, and parallax images, makes that experience even better.

Make it with Passion

Holy theme updates!

We’ve been busy since the beginning of 2016! We’re excited to let you know that we’ve rolled out a bunch of updates for 13 of our coolest themes! These updates include translation compatibility fixes with .mo and .po files to make translating our themes easier, general bug fixes, code quality check updates, changelog updates, browser compatibility updates, and all-around new things to help our themes meet WordPress coding standards.

Introducing the new Attache

Introducing the new Attache theme

Attache is a clean and stylish infinite scrolling theme, perfect for bloggers and storytellers everywhere. The theme lets you to write and publish articles and blog posts quickly and easily. Attache helps you stand out from the rest of the crowd! See for yourself.

Infinite Scrolling Goodness
Impress your audience with a beautiful masonry layout with the option to use infinite scrolling.

Fully Responsive & Fully Customizable
A beautiful experience on any device, desktop, tablet or phone. Take control over the appearance of your site using the Customizer options panel. Make it unique with just a few clicks.