How to guides for the Long Form Storybuilder

How To Guides for Our Long Form Storybuilder Plugin

If you are looking to build feature-rich, long format stories, check-out out our Long Form Storybuilder plugin for WordPress. We know that learning new plugins can be a bit overwhelming. So we’ve put together a few handy guides for using our new plugin with the help from our friends at

This post covers written guides and video guides on using the Long Form Storybuilder plugin. These guides were prepared and written by WPKB and link to their articles on the subjects. Let’s get started and show you how to use our long format builder with ease.


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Building the Long Form plugin

Building the Long Form Storybuilder

The idea for the Long Form Storybuilder came about as a way to develop a re-usable solution to the problem of user-created long-format content. Since long form content is, by its nature, media-rich and composed of relatively complex layouts, setting it up usually requires a good amount of development knowledge. We wanted to give users a way to create beautiful, engaging stories without having to worry about html or cumbersome shortcodes.

The beginning of a long road

Initially, our idea was to develop an entire custom solution that would live on WordPress’s front-end as a JavaScript app. However, as the development progressed, it became very clear that building and maintaining an entire custom JavaScript app was going to be difficult and cumbersome at best. On top of that, the entire interface started feeling very non-WordPress, which we realized was rather counter-intuitive when attempting to provide WordPress users an intuitive publishing platform.

The New Press75

Designing a New Press75

It’s been a little while since has had a redesign, so we wanted to give everything a fresh polish, a new face, an exciting update, and a better experience for our users. We’re excited to introduce the all-new

We’ve worked hard on making everything easier to navigate and find on the new site. We’ve implemented larger theme screenshots and easier-to-read theme features. You will also notice that we’ve added a plugins page where you will find all of our plugins; current and future releases.

Introducing Wanderer

Introducing Wanderer

Wanderer is a beautiful, responsive, and easy-to-use WordPress blog theme built with style. It’s a perfect fit for bloggers, writers, photographers, and artists who need an effortless way to showcase articles. See it in action here.

Wanderer greets your visitors with a large full page cover photo of your featured article, that really makes an impact! Using a minimal one-column layout, visitors can scroll easily through your articles — from desktop to mobile. Make your articles your own by using our built-in column shortcodes, embed videos by simply pasting in your video url, and add taglines for the perfect introduction.

Top 5 Free Design Resource Sites

Top 5 Free Design Resource Sites

If you’re like us you likely find yourself searching for great little design resources to add to your design. We’ve done a lot of searching for great resources and put together a short list of some of our favorites. Some of these sites have paid resources as well, however many of them have incredible free resources. Don’t forget to check the usage license and have fun pushing some pixels.


Introducing the newly redesigned Folio

Meet the newly redesigned Folio, a clean and simple responsive grid theme. An ideal solution for creative professionals looking for a minimalistic grid design. Folio makes it easy to publish a portfolio of photos and/or videos. Each post can contain a single image or video, or a gallery of images. The Folio theme features include a filterable grid portfolio, easily customizable colors, fully responsive framework, infinite scroll capability, and a beautiful Lightbox overlay display. See it in action.


Introducing the new TV Elements

Introducing the new, redesigned TV Elements. TV Elements is a theme that takes your videos and puts them front and center. We’ve integrated a large looping video for you to showcase your latest and greatest work. Directly below the large top banner video, you can easily showcase your latest posts or your latest portfolio items. You can easily create portfolio work and showcase it on our unique single portfolio page. View our demo here.