Welcome to Press75’s Enhanced ReCAPTCHA documentation page. Our plugin offers a sophisticated integration of Google reCAPTCHA with WooCommerce, enhancing security while maintaining user convenience. Building on the capabilities similar to WooCommerce reCAPTCHA, our solution introduces innovative features such as key validation and extensive customization options, making it a superior choice for WooCommerce store owners.

Below you will find instructions and information on how to setup and use our ReCAPTCHA plugin. These setup and usage instructions assume that you have working knowledge of the WordPress publishing platform, but if you are new to WordPress then we highly recommend reviewing the Getting Start with WordPress Codex article. If you have a question that’s not addressed in this documentation, then please feel free to send us a Support Request and we would be happy to help.

  • Download the zip file from your WooCommerce account.
  • Log in to WordPress admin and Go to Plugins > Add New.
  • Click Upload Plugin at the top.
  • Click on the “Choose File” button and select enhanced-recaptcha.zip.
  • Click Install Now and Activate the extension.
Setup and Configuration

After you activate the plugin, go to WooCommerce >> Settings. You will find a tab called “Enhanced reCAPTCHA” as shown below, click on it.

Enhanced reCAPTCHA settings
Verify ReCaptcha

Get your Site Key and Secret Key from here. The steps to get keys are explained below. Once you enter the correct keys, click on Verify Keys as shown below.

verify keys

If your Site Key and Secret Key are correct and verified successfully, you will see the Google reCAPTCHA preview as shown below.


Check the captcha (if V2 is selected) i.e. I’m not a robot box and submit Verify Now button for final verification of the Google ReCAPTCHA. Upon successful verification, you will see a message like below.

Enable Settings

After you verify reCAPTCHA explained above, you can enable or disable it for different forms which are listed below.

  • WooCommerce Login and Registration Forms
  • WooCommerce Checkout Form
  • WooCommerce Review Form
  • Default WordPress Login and Registration Forms
  • Lost Password Form
  • Default Comment Form
V3 Threshold Score Setting

If you select Google reCAPTCHA V3, you will find the Score (V3) setting option to select the threshold score. You can select from 0.0 to 1.0 depending on your needs. The default threshold score is o.5.

V2 Theme and Size

If you select Google reCAPTCHA V2, you will find options to select the theme of your reCAPTCHA. It supports both light and dark skins. Likewise, you can select the default or compact size of the CAPTCHA box.

Disable Button (V2)

If you like to disable submit button unless users click on I’m not a robot, you can enable this option. If you enable this option, submit button of your form will be disabled until Google reCAPTCHA is checked.

Captcha Language

You can select the language of the Google reCAPTCHA on your site or allow it to use the language from Browser’s Language.

White-list IP Addresses

If you like to skip/disable Google reCAPTCHA on trusted IP addresses, you can whitelist them. You can add multiple IP addresses to whitelist them. Please enter one IP address per row.

Getting reCAPTCHA Keys

You can register your domain and get your Site Key and Secret Key from here and follow the instructions provided below.


After you submit the form, you will get your keys as shown below.