Welcome to Press75’s Letter theme documentation page. Letter is the perfect WordPress theme to help you launch any email newsletter powered by MailChimp. Letter is a minimalist landing page theme including MailChimp integration, space for social links and a bit of intro text. Letter is also 100% responsive which means that your potential subscribers will have a perfect experience no matter where or what they are using to access your site.

Below you will find instructions and information on each of Letter’s theme elements. These setup and usage instructions assume that you have working knowledge of the WordPress publishing platform, but if you are new to WordPress then we highly recommend reviewing the Getting Start with WordPress Codex article. If you have a question that’s not addressed in this documentation, then please feel free to send us a Support Request and we would be happy to help.

Sample Data and Child Theme Download

Use the links below to download the sample data file and child theme for this theme.

NOTE: WordPress does not provide import functionality for theme options, custom fields, required plugins or other settings. This means that even with the theme sample data file, you will still need to adjust your theme options and most likely add content according to the setup and usage instructions below. Download theme sample data file Download Child theme
Installing Your Theme

There are a number of ways to install a WordPress theme:

- WordPress admin
- Hosting control panel (cPanel used as a specific example)

The recommended installation method for most people is through the WordPress admin, though some theme updates may require the use of S/FTP or your hosting control panel. Instructions for all three options can be found in the Using Themes Codex article.

WordPress Customizer

The customizer page is where you will find all the theme specific configuration, customization and featured content options. Within your WordPress admin, click "Appearance" and then "Customizer" to load the options page. There will be on screen descriptions and instructions for each option within the page explaining what the option is for and how to configure it. The customizer page and included options will most likely be different for each individual theme, but the concept is the same for all themes.

Theme Options Panel

Theme Options Panel

Letter is integrated with the WordPress theme Customizer (Appearance > Customize), giving you easy control over the Letter’s various options. To access all of Letter’s options, the Kirki plugin must be installed. This can be done manually in your WordPress admin under Plugins > Add New, otherwise you will be prompted in the customizer to install, and activate Kirki.

Appearance > Customize > Site Identity

Site Title. This is the homepage title.

Tagline. This is the homepage subtitle.

Appearance > Customize > Theme Settings

Background image. This is the background image that appears behind the content.

Main site text. This is the homepage text below the subtitle.

Twitter profile URL. Add the URL to your Twitter profile.

Facebook profile URL. Add the URL to your Facebook profile.

Instagram profile URL.
Add the URL to your Instagram profile.

Email address. Add your email address.

Appearance > Customize > MailChimp Settings

MailChimp API key. Connect the subscription form with a MailChimp account by adding an API key.

MailChimp list ID. Connect the subscription form with a MailChimp mailing list by adding a list ID.

Setup Mailing List

To setup the mailing list form, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Appearance > Customize > MailChimp Settings
  2. MailChimp API key: Enter the API key for your MailChimp account, learn how to find your key.
  3. MailChimp list ID: Enter the ID for the mailing list you want to use, learn how to find the list ID.