Welcome to Press75’s Video Elements theme documentation page. Please review all set-up instructions and theme usage documentation below to find what you are looking for.

These setup and usage instructions assume that you have working knowledge of the WordPress publishing platform. For more detailed information on how to use WordPress, please refer to the official WordPress documentation codex.

Sample Data and Child Theme Download

Use the links below to download the sample data file and child theme for this theme.

NOTE: WordPress does not provide import functionality for theme options, custom fields, required plugins or other settings. This means that even with the theme sample data file, you will still need to adjust your theme options and most likely add content according to the setup and usage instructions below. Download theme sample data file
Installing Your Theme

There are a number of ways to install a WordPress theme:

- WordPress admin
- Hosting control panel (cPanel used as a specific example)

The recommended installation method for most people is through the WordPress admin, though some theme updates may require the use of S/FTP or your hosting control panel. Instructions for all three options can be found in the Using Themes Codex article.

Using Theme Widgets

Modern WordPress theme include widgetized sidebars and/or content areas. The widgets you have available to you depend on your theme and plugins installed (if your theme and plugins provide custom widgets). You can view and add widgets to your theme by logging into your WordPress admin panel, and then navigating to Appearance > Widgets. Please be aware that some widgets have options, usually within the widget itself (e.g. by expanding the widget after adding it to your sidebar), or in a dedicated admin panel sidebar.

For more information on widgets please see the WordPress Widgets Codex article.

Setup Theme like the Demo

Now that we’ve established the Look and Feel of your site, we need to setup some things before you start making content. Let’s try and make it look similar to the demo so you can understand how the theme works.

Import Content (Optional)

As part of your theme setup you can import the Demo content as a starting point. This can be helpful if you don’t have any content yet. Note, you’ll likely delete this content and replace it with your own after the import. If you already have content, you can skip this step.

To Import, follow these instructions

1. Download the Sample.XML for the Video Elements Theme from this link LINK
2. Goto [Importing WordPress](https://codex.wordpress.org/Importing_Content#WordPress) and read the instructions.
* Note, choose to “import media” so the images come along as well.

Customizer Settings

Whether you have an empty site or have existing content, the first thing you’ll want to do is activate the [Customizer](https://codex.wordpress.org/Appearance_Theme_Options_Screen) and configure the theme branding and other settings. To activate the customizer, login to the WordPress Admin, then click “Appearance > Customizer” Once in the Customizer you’ll want to review and configure multiple settings:

### 1. Site Identity

[Site Identity](https://codex.wordpress.org/Appearance_Customize_Screen#Site_Identity) will allow you to set the Logo, Site Title, and Site icon. We’ve intentionally removed some default fields here we don’t use. The “Logo” image will replace the “Site Title” in the design. The “Site Icon” will be used as the browser tab icon and in bookmarks. The recommended logo size is 150px x 100px (or 300px x 100px for retina). No Matter the size of the image uploaded it will be forced to fit the horizontal space, so any landscape logo should fit nicely.

Remember to hit publish once your are happy to save your changes.

### 2. Colors

Next, let’s customize the link colors. If you’re in the Site Identity section, you can click the “back” icon that looks like a “<” or Just navigate back to the Customizer and select “Colors”. Here you can set the Link color and Link Hover color. The theme is dark, so be a good accessibility steward and make sure the colors have good contrast on the dark background.

### 3. Social Media and Copyright

#### Social Media

If you have any social media accounts, you can add links to them in the “Customizer > Video Elements Theme > Social Media” section. Simply add your link and the icon will appear in the bottom right of the footer.

#### Footer Content and Copyright

You can add a copyright and footer content by navigating to the “Customizer > Video Elements Theme > Footer”. Enter your copy here with the full date, An example: “Copyright MyBusiness 2025”

Setup Menu

1. Go to the Customizer > Menus
2. If you’ve imported from the Sample.XML, there will be an existing menu called “mani menu”. If you didn’t import create your pages now.
3. Assign the “Mani Menu” to the “Main Menu” Menu location.
4. Publish.

* How do I know it worked? You should see a menu in the live preview (or the tablet/mobile hamburger icon in the top right)

Setup Homepage

As part of the Video Elements theme there is a custom homepage template. Follow these steps to configure it like the demo.

1. Create or select a page that will be the “homepage”
2. For that page, set the “Page Template” to “Homepage”
3. Go to “Settings > Reading” and mark the “A static page” and select the page you chose for the “Homepage.” Save the changes by clicking “Save Changes”
4. Optional: If you plan on having a blog, follow the same instructions and assign the “Posts Page” to that page.

How do I know this worked? If you navigate to the homepage you’ll either see a blank page or the frame of a video. Huzzah!

Setup Homepage Options

Now that the homepage template is in place, to assign some content to it.

1. Navigate back to the Customizer and select “Video Elements Theme” > “Homepage Settings”
2. Here you can assign configure your homepage with some simple selections. Not, you may need to create some content first. If you’ve imported the Sample.xml you’ll have plenty.

#### Featured Post Hero

This setting will create a beautiful hero from the posts in this category. Each post in this category requires a Featured image to work correctly. Simply select the category desired. If you imported the Sample.xml, select “test 1” to look like the demo.

#### Featured Page Introduction

Right after the hero is an content section. This section is populated by a page. In the demo, we’ve created a page called about and assigned it here.

#### Featured Post 2

This is a large single post callout. You can pick from your latest 20 posts, it will display below the news block.

#### Slider Category

This will display a category set of posts in a slider below the Featured Post.

#### Footer Post Footer

This is a large single post callout. You can pick from your latest 20 posts, it will display above the footer of the page.

*How do I know this worked?* If you navigate to the homepage, all you content will display similar to the demo.

*I don’t see my category in the Customizer settings.* If this happens, it’s usually because no posts are assigned to the category. Make sure at least one is assigned to the “featured” category.

Make it yours

Your site should now closely resemble the demo and you are ready to make it yours! Go ahead and create new content and adjust things to your liking.

If you need any help, please contact our support team – support and updates are included in the theme