Enhanced reCAPTCHA

Secure your WooCommerce store with Enhanced ReCAPTCHA: Advanced, flexible anti-spam protection made easy.


Introducing Enhanced ReCAPTCHA for WooCommerce – a cutting-edge solution designed to integrate Google’s ReCAPTCHA seamlessly with your WooCommerce store. Our Enhanced ReCAPTCHA brings in groundbreaking features such as keys validation and extensive customization options, setting a new standard for security and user experience in WooCommerce environments.

  1. Key Validation: Prevents admin lockouts from the wp-admin dashboard due to incorrect site or secret keys, ensuring uninterrupted management and enhanced reliability.
  2. Dual Theme Options: Choose between dark and light themes to align with your website’s design, offering aesthetic flexibility and a seamless user interface.
  3. Size Customization: With options for compact and normal sizes, Enhanced ReCAPTCHA fits perfectly into any form layout, enhancing visual appeal and usability.
  4. Form Submission Control: Enhances security by disabling the form submit button until the reCAPTCHA is successfully completed, deterring automated spam and bot activities.
  5. Language Adaptability: Allows automatic selection of browser language or manual setting of a preferred language, catering to a diverse global audience.
  6. Customizable Error Messaging: Personalize the validation error message to maintain consistency with your website’s branding and communication style.
  7. IP White-listing Feature: Provides an option to white-list specific IP addresses, offering tailored access control for enhanced security management.
  8. Adjustable reCAPTCHA V3 Threshold: Grants the ability to set a custom threshold score for reCAPTCHA V3, offering nuanced security adjustments based on specific needs.


In summary, our Enhanced ReCAPTCHA plugin not only fortifies a WooCommerce site against security threats but also enhances customer experience, reduces administrative efforts, and aligns with brand aesthetics, all of which are critical for the growth and success of an online business.


Letter is the perfect WordPress theme to help you launch any email newsletter powered by MailChimp. Letter is a minimalist landing page theme including MailChimp integration, space for social links and a bit of intro text. Letter is also 100% responsive which means that your potential subscribers will have a perfect experience no matter where or what they are using to access your site

Simple Folio

A minimalist portfolio theme. A simple portfolio with just the essentials and nothing more — Simple Folio is a take on that idea including a short intro section, portfolio grid, arrivals and a contact form. You can use Simple Folio as is, or as a starting point for much more.

Big Video

Perfectly fluid full-screen video splash pages. This is Big Video, a minimalist WordPress theme for creating perfectly fluid full-screen video splash pages — including “loves”, play count and MailChimp integration. Just update your settings and content via the customizer, publish and done.


Rebuilt from the ground up. Attache is a clean and stylish infinite scrolling theme, perfect for bloggers and storytellers. The theme lets you to write and publish articles and blog posts quickly and easily. Attache helps you stand out from the rest of the crowd!

Infinite Scrolling Goodness
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Fully Responsive & Fully Customizable
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Search Keyword Redirect

With this plugin you can define search keywords that redirect to specified URLs.


Some examples of usage:
1. Optimizing search to get users to desired content fast.
2. Marketing with search keywords. Much easier for user to remember “search free stuff” than expecting a user to remember/type a URL.
3. Search keyword easter-eggs. Search “guacamole” -> http://mysite.com/awesome-guac-recipe.
4. Fun!