Introducing the new TV Elements

Introducing the new, redesigned TV Elements. TV Elements is a theme that takes your videos and puts them front and center. We’ve integrated a large looping video for you to showcase your latest and greatest work. Directly below the large top banner video, you can easily showcase your latest posts or your latest portfolio items. You can easily create portfolio work and showcase it on our unique single portfolio page. View our demo here.


Video showcase
With TV Elements we’ve kept the videos at the forefront. Easily add your Vimeo or Youtube videos to posts by pasting in your video’s url — it’s really that easy. Let the theme do the rest.

This theme is optimized for a responsive theme experience. Responsive Web Design allows us to craft our themes and provide an amazing, optimal experience across a wide range of devices and browser widths. Showcase your work and the theme will effortlessly create mobile and tablet-friendly viewing.

Make it your own
TV Elements allows you to easily add your own logo, upload your own looping homepage video, customize your accent colors, text color, background image, add custom CSS styling and more, all with a live preview!