Get Our All Themes Pack for Only $99

We’ve had an exciting year at Press75. A lot of work on new themes, bringing our themes to new marketplaces, and introducing regular update notices as we update our theme library. These changes are centered around the idea of providing a more standardized process and workflow for us as a team, with the goal of also increasing engagement, communication, and interaction with our community.

In addition to all of these updates, we’re excited to roll our our updated pricing for our All Themes Pack. Our entire library of themes is now available for only $99! That’s a huge savings for giant library of 21 themes. So it all works out to be less than $5 per theme, essentially saving you 90% if you were to purchase all of our themes individually. This is huge!

We’re excited to bring more new themes and redesigned themes to our library soon. Get the All Themes Back now!

Video Elements Remastered Has Arrived!

Remastered with a completely new design.

Video Elements remastered is a beautiful magazine style video theme. Featuring a slick grid layout, with beautiful typography, Video Elements is the perfect theme for any video-centric site. Our new remastered design uses unique design elements, and thumbnail treatments to draw site visitors attention to your most important content. Check it out.

Stand Out From the Crowd
It’s important for your blog to be enjoyable to readers and readable by search engines. Readers must have the possibility to read with pleasure and to navigate easily through the website. While search engines have to make sure your code validates and it’s bug-free. We remastered Video Elements to help you stand out of the crowd with a website with beautiful design and well-thought code.

Modern and Responsive
Video Elements was created by using latest HTML5 and CSS3 techniques and is retina-ready & responsive, so you know it’ll look good on any device.

The new Viewed theme is here!

Rebuilt from the ground up, a wonderfully simple photography theme.

Our new take on a classic theme, Viewed is the perfect WordPress theme for showcasing photography, images, and portfolio work. Viewed is also 100% responsive which means that your visitors will have a perfect experience no matter where or what they are using to access your site. Check it out.

Easy Portfolios
We’ve integrated a new custom post-type for handling the entire portfolio section of the theme. This makes it super easy for you to create a new image gallery, and within that gallery, you can add any number of images for your viewers to scroll through.

Customizer Options
Our new version of Viewed takes full advantage of the Customizer within WordPress — making it super easy for you to manage your logo, site title, homepage options, and advanced carousel options in order for you to customize what type of animation you see when scrolling through images.

Letter Theme Is Here

A beautifully simple landing page template specifically crafted for newsletters.

Letter is the perfect WordPress theme to help you launch any email newsletter powered by MailChimp. Letter is a minimalist landing page theme including MailChimp integration, space for social links and a bit of intro text. Letter is also 100% responsive which means that your potential subscribers will have a perfect experience no matter where or what they are using to access your site. Check out the demo here.

Simple Folio is Here

Next up in our series of simplified, single page WordPress themes, is Simple Folio. With Simple Folio, we’ve built a minimalist portfolio theme for you all. Generally the best portfolios are simple, with just the essentials and nothing more — Simple Folio is a take on that idea including a short intro section, portfolio grid, arrivals and a contact form. You can use Simple Folio as is, or as a starting point for much more.

Check it out here.

Introducing Big Video

Perfectly fluid full-screen video splash pages. This is Big Video, a minimalist WordPress theme for creating perfectly fluid full-screen video splash pages — including “loves”, play count and MailChimp integration. Just update your settings and content via the customizer, publish and done. See it in action here.

A Massive Update

Impress your audience with our beautiful, new Massive News theme. Focusing on easy ways to deliver news to your visitors, the new Massive News includes a large featured article banner in a unique grid layout. A beautiful columned layout of articles on the homepage also gives you the power to showcase any category of posts you like. Check it out.

Inline Social Sharing
We’ve built a unique feature with Massive News, where users can choose to share selected text on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Email. This neat sharing capability is built to allow your users the opportunity to share your content all over the web.

Distraction Free Reading
A beautiful experience on any device, desktop, tablet or phone. We’ve designed Massive News to be a distraction free reading experience, which allows you to focus on your content and let the theme do the talking. A nice blend of simple typography, and parallax images, makes that experience even better.

Holy theme updates!

We’ve been busy since the beginning of 2016! We’re excited to let you know that we’ve rolled out a bunch of updates for 13 of our coolest themes! These updates include translation compatibility fixes with .mo and .po files to make translating our themes easier, general bug fixes, code quality check updates, changelog updates, browser compatibility updates, and all-around new things to help our themes meet WordPress coding standards.