The Benefits of our All Themes Pack

WordPress is everywhere. We’ve been able to see WordPress grow from a blogging platform, into now being 23% of the internet — that’s huge. Whether you’re installing and using WordPress on your own site or working with a client to build an enterprise-level WordPress solution, there are some clear advantages of purchasing a theme shop’s “everything” package. Here are some of the benefits of picking up our All Themes Pack

We all like options. With an All Themes package you have full access to all themes, anytime. Whether you need to build out your own portfolio one week and the next week you’re tackling a client’s business site, ‘all themes’ gives you options to choose from.

Access to New Releases:
Who doesn’t want the latest and greatest? With our All Themes Pack you are the first customers to have access to our newest releases. Simply login to your account dashboard and our latest releases will be right there waiting patiently for you to start using them.

Unlimited Use:
Purchase our All Themes Pack and you can use our themes anywhere and everywhere. No access restrictions; you could use your favorite Press75 theme a thousand times, and that’s pretty neat.

Low Cost:
One of the key benefits of an All Themes Pack is the low cost. Theme’s that you could purchase once for $49 or $69 are now priced as low as $5 or $6 a piece when they’re included in a package price. Now that’s a really sweet deal!

Our All Themes Pack is a single $199 purchase that includes our entire theme collection. Instantly access every single theme we have now, along with every new product release for one full year. One year of support and theme updates are also included.

After a year is up, simply renew your account. No need to worry, we’ll send you a reminder before your year is up — so just sit back, use your Press75 themes anywhere and everywhere, and have fun with the extra $ in your pocket.