Introducing our new WordPress theme setup service

We’re excited to announce the addition of our very own Theme Setup Service here at Press75. Let us handle installation of WordPress and your new Press75 theme for you.

We know that time is money, and with our new Setup Service you can choose from one of our Setup Packages and one of our team members will get everything setup and installed for you within 24 or 48 hours. The team member will reach out to you as soon as we receive your payment, confirming next steps, details, and instructions.

Check out our two packages here and hit the ground running with your new Press75 theme in no time.

Flywheel introduces their Creative Toolbox

Are you looking for some great designer deals? Check out Flywheel’s new Creative Toolbox and unlock over $2,000 in free resources to help you build beautiful, fast secure sites on WordPress.

Get everything from a Get a free 3 month trial of InVision (one of our personal favorite prototyping, collaboration and workflow tools on the market) to a sweet Press75 discount. Check it out, unlock that discount, and we look forward to seeing you use a Press75 theme or plugin.

Unlock those discounts here. Or pick-up Flywheel hosting here.

Building the Long Form Storybuilder

The idea for the Long Form Storybuilder came about as a way to develop a re-usable solution to the problem of user-created long-format content. Since long form content is, by its nature, media-rich and composed of relatively complex layouts, setting it up usually requires a good amount of development knowledge. We wanted to give users a way to create beautiful, engaging stories without having to worry about html or cumbersome shortcodes.

The beginning of a long road

Initially, our idea was to develop an entire custom solution that would live on WordPress’s front-end as a JavaScript app. However, as the development progressed, it became very clear that building and maintaining an entire custom JavaScript app was going to be difficult and cumbersome at best. On top of that, the entire interface started feeling very non-WordPress, which we realized was rather counter-intuitive when attempting to provide WordPress users an intuitive publishing platform.

Designing a New Press75

It’s been a little while since has had a redesign, so we wanted to give everything a fresh polish, a new face, an exciting update, and a better experience for our users. We’re excited to introduce the all-new

We’ve worked hard on making everything easier to navigate and find on the new site. We’ve implemented larger theme screenshots and easier-to-read theme features. You will also notice that we’ve added a plugins page where you will find all of our plugins; current and future releases.

Web Hosting Partnership with SiteGround

Choosing a website hosting provider can be a difficult task. At Press75 we often are asked about website hosting, who we would recommend, and reasons why. Today we are excited to announce a partnership with SiteGround. SiteGround is a WordPress hosting company, whose focus is speed, security and support.

Those three key focus areas are why we found a natural partnership together. We know that Press75 customers would find great value in working with SiteGround hosting. They are committed to top-notch service and support — and with a sea of WordPress-centric hosting providers, SiteGround stands out as one of the best. We dig SiteGround because our themes and products work wonderfully on their hosting platform, because they are dedicated to providing great product support, and because they are an affordable hosting option.

If you are looking for a new hosting company, or just looking to set up your first website and need a host, now is a great time to do so.

To kick-off our partnership, SiteGround is offering 60% off of their hosting plans for all Press75 customers and friends for a limited time! Now that’s a sweet deal!

The Benefits of our All Themes Pack

WordPress is everywhere. We’ve been able to see WordPress grow from a blogging platform, into now being 23% of the internet — that’s huge. Whether you’re installing and using WordPress on your own site or working with a client to build an enterprise-level WordPress solution, there are some clear advantages of purchasing a theme shop’s “everything” package. Here are some of the benefits of picking up our All Themes Pack

We all like options. With an All Themes package you have full access to all themes, anytime. Whether you need to build out your own portfolio one week and the next week you’re tackling a client’s business site, ‘all themes’ gives you options to choose from.

More New Themes On the Way

Although we’re busy pushing pixels and writing beautiful code, we wanted to share a quick update with what we’ve been up to. Not only are we currently working on the new Press75 redesign, we also have a few new themes in development. We’re tackling a redesign of a few of our older themes, to bring them into the new era of Press75. We’re very excited to see some of our old themes in a new light. We’ve chosen to redesign both TV Elements and Massive News and they are looking sweet! Take a look and stay tuned for more updates on new theme releases and other sweet deals by subscribing to our newsletter here.


Check out a sneak peak of what we’re working on…

The new Cafe Elements is on the way!

A theme that’s perfect for restaurants, coffee shops and anyone looking to have a beautiful one-page website is on it’s way! The new version of Cafe Elements will allow you to manage your food menus in a simple way in the admin panel — making updates to your menu a breeze. The new theme will allow to you easily configure your business’ information, featured content, theme and content colors, and your shop’s location right through the theme options. Look for the new Cafe Elements theme within the next few weeks! Here’s a quick sneak-peak:


More new themes and plugins are on the way — stay tuned!