Designing a New Press75

It’s been a little while since has had a redesign, so we wanted to give everything a fresh polish, a new face, an exciting update, and a better experience for our users. We’re excited to introduce the all-new

We’ve worked hard on making everything easier to navigate and find on the new site. We’ve implemented larger theme screenshots and easier-to-read theme features. You will also notice that we’ve added a plugins page where you will find all of our plugins; current and future releases.

Around 12% of our traffic was coming from mobile devices. We wanted more of our customers to find our mobile and tablet experience easier-to-use, so we also spent time focusing on re-building on a better responsive grid. So now you will see a more purposeful mobile experience.

We applied more design sensibilities to the new site as well. Focusing on using large imagery to portray the design work in our themes. You will notice subtle design treatments to buttons, fields, and typography across the new

There are a lot of complex WordPress products in the marketplace, and our aim with the new, as well as our new themes and plugins, is to simplify and provide purpose. We hope that you find the new site appealing and easy-to-use!