Introducing AudioTheme

A few years ago, Luke McDonald joined Jason Schuller as part of the Press75 team. Since then Luke created a couple themes geared around bands, artists, and musicians with an emphasis on integrating an audio solution using default WordPress features and functionality. Having successfully done this along with showcasing video, gigs, photos, and more, it was apparent there needed to be a better way to build and manage this type of content.

With that in mind, we’re excited to introduce AudioTheme — a platform built on WordPress to bring the features artists and bands need to manage their online presence to them, instead of having to go to the features across dozens of fragmented services or install a multitude of WordPress plugins. In a way, AudioTheme aims to be WordPress for music makers.

While we’re excited about AudioTheme’s launch, we hope you are too. We look to create new Press75 themes as well as integrate some of our older themes with the AudioTheme Framework. Let us know what you think about AudioTheme and which of our theme’s you would like to see integrated!