Update: Massive News 4.0.2

This week starts off with some upkeep to Massive News, bringing it to v4.0.2 from v4.0.1. This update focuses on code formatting (particularly the reduction of PHP tags), updating from old to new methods for declaring content width, enqueuing Google Fonts, removing unused functionality, standards adherence, and so on:

  • REVISED: Template code formatting refactored to reduce php tag frequency
  • REVISED: Header search styling more consistent between states
  • REVISED: Functions.php Google font enqueue, content width, background option refactored
  • REVISED: Removed max-width on header logo to better accomodate text, images
  • REVISED: Homepage featured post grid now ignores stickied posts, which were breaking homepage formatting
  • REVISED: Some strings had the wrong text domain – massivenews instead of massive-news
  • REVISED: Escaped all translateable strings
  • REVISED: Updated README.txt formatting
  • REMOVED: Custom header option as theme uses a logo, not a header
  • REMOVED: ‘Image’ post format wasn’t doing anything

You can review Massive News’ complete changelog here. If you require support for Massive News, have a feature suggestion or have found a bug, then please submit a support request. As always we can be reached on Twitter (@Press75), and Facebook (Press75).

Massive News v4.0.2 can be downloaded from your account page.

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